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Torah Reflections June 10 – 16th, 2012

The Key to The Promised Land

Sh’lach L’cha

Numbers 13:1 – 15:41

This week’s Torah portion holds the famous story of the spies that Moses sent to scout the Promised Land at the Eternal’s command. For forty days and forty nights, twelve representatives of the tribes are to spy on the land, bring back its fruit and report their findings to the people. Upon their return, two of them, Caleb and Joshua encourage the people to enter and conquer the land. The other ten, however, warn the people not to do so. Fear spreads throughout the community. The people cry, revolt against Moses, turn around and start heading back to Egypt. But in response to their lack of faith, God condemns the Hebrews over the age of twenty to never enter the land, and instead, to die in the wilderness over forty years of wandering, one year for each day of scouting.

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