Passover 5781/2021

In 2020 we celebrated Passover with a unique shelter-in-place seder. It was wonderful to remember the journey that our ancestors took from captivity into freedom on this important Jewish holiday. This moment in history provides a unique opportunity for us to connect in new ways, learn new methods of doing life #togetherathome and to celebrate our traditions in innovative ways.

We do not know what 5781/2021 holds for our Passover gathering, but we do know that we will be celebrating together via streaming, and will be offering ways to connect with other participants via Facebook Live “watch parties”. 

If you’d like to host a watch party for friends or family, we would love to have you join us!

Send Katie an email at to volunteer to host!

We recognize that this is a non-traditional way of celebrating Passover in community, but that has never been a problem for us before! We are excited to just being able to be together even if only virtually, and continue–as a community–to work on unlocking our places of stuckness. Our current state of enslavement might just become an opening to free up a new vision for ourselves and for humanity tomorrow.

Our Passover Seder Haggadah will be sent out via email to those registered in advance of our Seder on Sunday, March 28th.

If you are unable to afford a donation, please email to receive our link and haggadah

We are asking people to register online and offer a free-will donation in lieu of charging for this unique Passover experience. We recognize that many are in new financial situations, and want to be able to offer this service without cost to as many as need it. We are asking people to register in advance so that we can communicate any necessary details via email before our Seder goes live.