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Spring Holidays


Passover 5783: A Feast of Liberation

Celebrate 2nd Night Community Seder with Bet Alef

Thursday, April 6th, 6 PM
person in the Fellowship Hall of the Center for Spiritual Living

6318 Linden Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

OR Online via Zoom

Whether you’ve been to a Seder or not, whether you know the ancient story and symbols or not, the Bet Alef Community Seder welcomes you to “A Feast of Liberation.”

Passover meets us in the spring, a time of renewal—a time of release—a time of vision that can pierce the confused consciousness that stops us from getting on with our lives. This year the story and the symbols interact in a new way as we discover the next steps in our own life-journeys. After a dark and long winter, this spring is the first time we are called to discover a new way of being for ourselves, to usher-in a new world. The Pharaohs around us are still powerful but it seems that the winds are turning, that we might, at last, free ourselves from their yoke. Inwardly, this Passover, we are invited to stand up as well to our inner Pharaohs’ crushing power and finally release the limitations of our current story in order to leap into the next chapter of our life.

Registration Details for our In-Person Seder:

Click the image below to access our Passover Haggadah: 

Registration Details for the Zoom Broadcast of our Seder:
Our seder will be streamed live via Zoom from the Fellowship Hall by a professional team in order to ensure a great, welcoming online atmosphere for all. 

Registration for Zoom participants opens to all on Wednesday, March 1st

Individual Registration: $20
Family/Household Registration: $40

Individual Registration: $29
Family/Household Registration: $49


Purim at Bet Alef is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Our rabbi and musicians create, year after year, incredible musicals with amazing costumes and hilarious lyrics to retell the story of the Book of Esther in the most joyful celebration of the holiday. Come as you are, or dare to wear your own disguise, and join us for an evening of utter comedy and serious depth as we immerse ourselves in the teachings and the revelry of Purim.

Earth, Wind & Purim - Do You Remember?

Friday, March 3rd, 7 PM

Live, IN-PERSON, at the Center for Spiritual Living  |  Streaming online!

Our 5783 Purim Shabbat service was adapted from Earth, Wind & Fire’s Greatest Hits. We had a great turn out for both the in-person and live-streamed services from our sanctuary. 

See the button below for the lyrics of our adpated songs!:



Puim Shpiel 5782: Shushanian Rhapsody

Last year, we had a night of magic, music, and passion during our annual Purim Shpiel: Shushanian Rhapsody!

If you love the sounds of Queen, and the story of our amazing Queen Esther, then you’ll be enraptured by “Shushanian Rhapsody” – a celebration with the music of, wait for it… Queen.