Spring Holidays

Purim Shpiel @ Bet Alef

Every year, Bet Alef celebrates Purim with a themed Shpiel and hamantaschen at the Oneg. This year, we celebrate on Friday, March 15th, 7:30 PM

Or maybe the tickets were impossible to find or afford?

Here is your opportunity to live the magic, to experience the sensation…
With our amazing Bet Alef cast of stars!

This MUST-NOT-MISS Hamilton-Inspired musical extravaganza is sure to cause a Seattle-wide sensation! Invite your friends, your family… anyone that might love this Hamilton-inspired Purim Shpiel!

With family fun, fantastic music, and some hip-hopping rhythmic rap, this evening should be a fantastic celebration and retelling of the story of Esther for our Bet Alef families and friends. Invite someone today!

Passover @ Bet Alef

During Passover, Bet Alef has numerous ways to celebrate with community.

1) Our pre-Passover Family Potluck Seder

2) The Passover Preparation Workshop

3) Our Community Seder

4) Linking members of our community to celebrate the First Night Seder together