Spring Holidays

Shushanian Rhapsody: An IN-PERSON Rock & Roll Schpiel

Friday, March 18th, 7 PM

Live, IN-PERSON, at the Center for Spiritual Living  |  Streaming online!

Don’t Stop Us Now! A night of magic, music, and passion. Join us for our triumphant return to an in-person Purim Schpiel: Shushanian Rhapsody!  

We Want to Break Free… and come together for the story of our amazing Queen Esther. We will … we will… rock you to the sounds of Queen. Bring your enthusiasm, your passion, and be enraptured by “Shushanian Rhapsody”.

Make sure to save the date and invite friends and family!

Passover @ Bet Alef

This Year, we will be hosting our 2nd Night Community Seder both in-person and ONLINE!  We will have more details and pricing in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for more details and registration!

* The Passover Preparation Workshop

* Our Community Seder

* Linking members of our community to celebrate the First Night Seder together