Forty Days and Forty Nights

A Downloadable Course in Kabbalistic Meditation

Tree of Life - kabalahEver wondered why in so many places in the Jewish Bible specific events unfold over “forty days and forty nights”? Why forty? Why do the Kabbalists insist that no one should be studying Kabbalah until they are forty? I suspect that our sages and ancestors had a sense that “forty” represents a human cycle; a cycle of learning, a cycle of maturation. It has been shown that forty days is often the time humans need to create a new habit, anchor a new practice in their life; and it seems that we have intuitively known that since biblical times.

Many of us have struggled over the years to create a sustainable meditation practice for ourselves. We take a short course here, go on a weekend retreat there, but when we return home and life happens, it becomes almost impossible to stick with a disciplined daily practice. But what if instead of having to leave our home, the meditation practice could come to us directly? What if, instead of just a few days of offered guidance at a retreat we could have this guidance offered to us over forty days, enough for us to create a new and sustainable habit of daily meditation? What if rather than having to bend our lives around needing to fit meditation at the “one time” it is offered, we could simply download it at a time that is convenient for us? And what if, rather than paying hundreds of dollars, all of that could be offered for free?

Rabbi Olivier Meditating on Israeli beachWell, wonder no more. This is exactly what Rabbi Olivier BenHaim is offering through this Forty Days & Forty Nights course in Kabbalistic Meditation. The course is spread over almost six full weeks and guides the practitioner through six layers of forty (what else?) minute-long deepening meditations; each week building on the former and following the Kabbalistic principles of multiple soul levels. As part of this practice you will be able to:

  • Set up a centering practice of deep breathing and relaxation.
  • Face with mindfulness and equanimity the ever-changing distracting patterns of mind, desires/emotions and sensations.
  • Engage in Kabbalistic meditative and state-altering chanting practice.
  • Develop and rest as the inner Witness, the awareness within existing prior to experience.
  • Get a taste of formless consciousness through formless meditation practice.
  • Participate in a (almost) weekly Q&A conference call with Rabbi Olivier.

Listen here to Rabbi Olivier’s “Welcome” audio recording where he describes some of the other aspects of this course.

We look forward to having you join us on this remarkable journey…

Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for more learning opportunities!

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