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B’Sefer Chayim – in the Book of Life

High Holy Days 5783


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We are excited to be able to offer our High Holy Days services both in-person and via live streaming to all our registered participants. Our in-person services will be capped at 160 people so please be sure to register early if you wish to attend in-person.

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Online registration and streaming will happen almost identically to our process from last year, and registration opens August 1st.

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Rabbi Olivier’s Focus for This Year’s High Holy Days

There seems to be a general dizzying feeling that the whole world is falling apart. This malaise many of us experience comes from the sense we often get that what once seemed so real, so solid and enduring is now crumbling right before our eyes. We are now seeing the narrative upon which our civilization was built for the emptiness that it is. Worse, what we once embraced as a story of eternal progress—where all the wrongs would be righted and science would fix everything—was written atop immense human suffering, environmental desecration and destruction, and increasing dehumanization and social isolation to name but a sample of its massive collateral damage. We have written, it now seems undeniable, the story of Western Civilization in the Book of Death.

Journey with us through these High Holy Days, as we uncover what lies at the core of what ails our civilization and ourselves, what we can do about it, and how we can become empowered to write a new story—the story of our tomorrow.

This time, we will write it in the Book of Life.

Schedule of Services

Preparation Workshop - Tuesday, September 13th, 7 PM

Join us to learn more about the meaning of our High Holy Days and how to prepare your hearts and minds for the coming Jewish year. We will be meeting in person in the Bet Alef Living Room (806 N 64th St) at 7 PM and will stream via Zoom.

S'lichot - Saturday, September 17th, 8 PM

Join us as we meet the special melodies of the High Holy Days, and transition into the unique energies of the Days of Awe with a Havdalah service. This year, as we will dress our new Torah in her High Holy Days garb, we will unveil the gorgeous new Torah Cover and Choshen (breastplate) that our members have gifted our community.

S’lichot services will, as always, be free and open to everyone and will also be live-streamed for all on our website, our App, Roku and Apple TV, as well as on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Rosh HaShanah ~ The New Year

Erev Rosh HaShanah - Sunday, September 25th, 7 PM

Enter into the energies of the New Year by stepping into a holy space of transition away from the hurried busy-ness of the world.

Our Rosh HaShanah service is our gateway into the transformative energies of the High Holy Days. We gather in community to step more fully into sacred time, our retreating into the recess of the reflective silence of the soul.

Rosh HaShanah - Monday, September 26th

How should we start a New Year? What kind of energies do we want to immerse ourselves into on the first morning of a renewed spiritual cycle? Our sages equate Rosh HaShanah with the first day of Creation in Genesis. What individual life-Creation or personal re-Creation could such a day invite us into as the blasts of the Shofar wake us up to writing ourselves in the Book of Life?

10:30 AM – Morning Service

1 PM – Community Potluck

3 PM – Tashlich (meet at the Sanctuary to walk to Green Lake)

Yom Kippur, the Day of at-One-Ment

Kol Nidrei - Tuesday, October 4th, 7 PM

Psalm 118 pleads: “Open for me the gates of righteousness that I may enter and give thanks to the Eternal.” Through our Kol Nidrei service we, too, plead that the gates of our heart be open that we might do the work of forgiveness and healing the Day of At-One-Ment makes available to all of us. That we may be renewed. That we may be whole again.

Yom Kippur - Wednesday, October 5th, 10:30 AM - 7 PM

Yom Kippur will start with a morning service that will include Torah chanting, our favorite High Holy Days songs and prayers, and sharing the Priestly Blessing with one another. Early afternoon will transition to the study of the Book of Jonah, our Yizkor and Neilah services will meet us early evening, and all will be interspersed by three meditation sessions, one of which will be dedicated to healing.

10:30 AM – Morning Service
1:45 PM – Book of Jonah Study
2:45 PM – Healing Meditation
3:45 PM – Yom Kippur Walk
4:45 PM – Yizkor Memorial Service
6:00 PM – Neilah Concluding Service

Break-Fast - Wednesday, October 5th, 7 PM

Join us as we break our fast in community with a delicious menu prepared by our amazing caterer Mangia Bene. Registration details to follow soon!

Online Service Pricing

Individual Full Series (1 Person, 1 Screen) – $150
Young Adult Individual Full Series (1 Person, 1 Screen, ages 18-30) – $90
Household Full Series (1 household, shared screen) – $235
Individual Single Service (1 Person, 1 Screen) – $70 each
Young Adult Individual Single Service (1 Person, 1 Screen, ages 18-30) – $40 each
Household Single Service (1 household, shared screen) – $135 each

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In Person Service Pricing

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Children may attend services free of charge; however, there will be no specific child care or children’s programming.


Member Pricing

Individual Full Series – $180
Young Adult Full Series (ages 18-30) – $120
Youth Full Series (ages 13-18) – $90
Individual Single Service – $80 each
Young Adult Single Service (ages 18-30) – $50 each
Youth Single Service (ages 13-18) – $40 each

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Non-Member Pricing

Individual Full Series – $260
Young Adult Full Series (ages 18-30) – $130
Youth Full Series (ages 13-18) – $110
Individual Single Service – $120 each
Young Adult Single Service (ages 18-30) – $60 each
Youth Single Service (ages 13-18) – $50 each

We are so grateful for all of the friends and family who joined us for last year’s High Holy Days services. 

One of the silver linings of virtual services is that we can relive some of those moments.  All of the videos from the High Holy Days are now up on our YouTube channel. Please use the power of these songs whenever you feel the need for inspiration, contemplation, meditation.

And if you haven’t yet seen the musician’s outtakes video, here’s the link (needed to view it).

Our spiritual teachers have long taught us that the world we see on the outside is but a reflection of the world we encounter on the inside. Today more than ever is the work of introspection, of taking responsibility and making amends, of healing and whole-ing — in short, the work of Teshuvah — required of us. These High Holy Days, Rabbi Olivier is inviting us to take a step back and a deep breath, to expand our consciousness beyond the constricting addictions of the conditioned mind; to mourn and release what has been and can no longer be, that we might transform ourselves into the beings this moment is inviting us to become.