Adult Learning

Bet Alef believes that everyone has a spiritual journey to explore and share. We welcome people to become members of our community and learn with us.

Our classes provide the opportunity for deeper immersion on specific topics including, but not limited to:

  • Judaism 101: an introduction to the basic tenets, rituals, and prayers of Judaism and the mystical aspects that keep them relevant thousands of years later.
  • Kabbalah: an introduction to the mystical path of Judaism articulated by the Hassidic masters of the 13th century.
  • Holiday workshops: to aid preparation for the High Holy Days and other major holidays of the Hebrew calendar
  • Bi-monthly Torah Study: We explore the spiritual dimensions of the Torah portion of the week.
  • Shabbat-in-a-box: an experiential learning, celebration and dinner opportunity shared among members in members’ homes
  • Preparation for Dying
  • Meditation retreats and courses: learn and practice Jewish meditation techniques

More Adult Learning Opportunities:

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