Practical Kabbalah: The Jewish Mystical Path of Mindfulness

Asked if there was a blessing for a sewing machine, the Rabbi in Fiddler On The Roof answered that in Judaism: “There is a blessing for everything.” This renowned humoristic quote, however memorable, is a testimony to the breadth of mindfulness practices available in the Jewish tradition in general, and in Jewish Mysticism in particular.  Rabbi Olivier is inviting us to explore this millennia-old Jewish path of mindfulness through the prism of Kabbalah and the teachings of the Chasidic mystics. Inspired by this rich offering, Rabbi Olivier will support us in carving for ourselves a series of personal daily practices to not only enrich our everyday living but also deepen our own spiritual journey.


9 Topics…
1.      The Kabbalistic framework: grounding our practice.
2.      The Path of Blessing.
3.      Waking & Beginning The Day Mindfully.
4.      The path of Mindful Eating.
5.      Keeping Conscious Company: The path of Torah
6.      The path of Avodah: Exploring Prayer, Meditation, Mantra repetition and other practices.
7.      Mindful Acts of Loving-Kindness: Healing the World.
8.      Shabbat: A Weekly Mindfulness Retreat.
9.      Mindfulness and the Body: From Daily Exercise to Sex.


…over 12 Sessions
Thursdays, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
November 5th & 19th, 2015
December 3rd & 17th, 2015
January 7th & 14th, 2016
February 4th & 18th, 2016
March 3rd & 17th, 2016
April 7th & 21st, 2016
Where? All sessions will be held at the Bet Alef office; 1111 Harvard Ave, Seattle (First Hill) 98122. If you are unable to physically attend this course, you have the option to participate remotely via Skype.
Costs? $180 for members; $240 for non-members    Questions? E-mail
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