Oneg Sponsor Information

The Oneg is a special event following every Shabbat Service. It is an opportunity to share in the blessings of Shabbat and to minglewith the community. The Oneg is entirely run by volunteers. If you would like to contribute your energies to an Oneg, please contact us.

As a reminder to everyone, please find below the responsibilities of people who are oneg sponsors:

  1. Bring something for the Oneg. Things we would like you to bring include:
    • 3 Challot
    • Juice or wine
    • Vegetable and/or fruit platters
    • Cheese and crackers
    • Sheet cake
    • Cookies
    • Nuts
    • Or?
  2. Come early (around 6:45 PM) to Friday night services to help set up. This means not just setting up your own items, but also helping pour wine and juice, getting the hot water ready, and so on. There will be people from the Oneg Committee to help you with this.
  3. Stay through the Oneg and then help clean up. We very much depend on our Oneg sponsors to help with picking up cups and plates, wiping down tables, and so forth. Again, you will have help with this, so you know what to do.

Thank you for your support of Bet Alef and your help with the Onegs!

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