Purim is a special time at Bet Alef.  Each year our Purim celebration takes on a new theme.

“Les Miserables of Shushan” 
March 2nd at 7:30 PM


Purim rehearsals have already begun. Our singers are ready for their close-ups. Rabbi Olivier is doing his best practicing his solo. And you are invited to this year’s inspiring Purim extravaganza.

This year, our always-hilarious costumed musicians and rabbi will tell the story of Purim in the theme of the Broadway Musical “Les Miserables.” What could possibly go wrong?!?

Our members and guests are, of course, invited to come dressed as their version of Cosette, Gavroche, Jean-Valjant, Javert or just as they are if they prefer.

See you there for an evening of stories, laughter and deepening teachings about this most joyful holiday.



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