Shabbat Dinner 2016-17

Thank you to everyone who came out for this year’s Shabbat Dinner Series. Please stay tuned for next year!



You are invited to join us for a special Shabbat three-course-dinner series through this Winter and coming Spring 2017. Chef Aleah Robbins of Aleah’s Kitchen, inspired by traditional cuisine and food preparation from around the world, has designed especially for Bet Alef special Shabbat and Holiday menus that will explore a different regional theme within world Jewish cuisine every month. Flavors and preparations characteristic of each culture will be highlighted with use of ingredients and techniques traditionally implemented within each cuisine. As a practice in sustainability, these menus also showcase local, seasonal Northwest substitutions for exotic or out-of-season produce where possible, while still maintaining the essence of a dish. Meals will most often be either meat or dairy in accordance with Kosher practice.

Chef Aleah takes pride and pleasure in sourcing local, sustainably raised and organic ingredients whenever possible. Early-Bird discounts on dinner will be available up to two week prior to each Shabbat dinner, so plan ahead to take advantage! To register, click the links below or visit our calendar.

Shabbat and Holiday dinners begin at 5:45 PM with blessings. Shabbat services follow at 7:30 PM.



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