Social Action

Bet Alef has a very active Social Action team that is committed to fulfilling our vision of fostering “… a Jewish spirituality for all ages that supports each individual, is realized in community, and manifests itself in our world as peaceful acts of greater compassion and love”. For more information about the Social Action Team of Bet Alef email our officeCurrently, the team is working on the following:



Interfaith Climate Action — First Hill

world in hand Members of both Bet Alef and Seattle First Baptist meet monthly to learn, organize, raise awareness, and take action to protect our climate, on which all life depends.  We have planted trees, contacted legislators, attended hearings, presented speakers, and joined other faith-based groups in conferences, marches, and civil disobedience.  Contact Keith Ervin to get involved!



Previous Social Action Programs:

Wednesday Night Phone Banks for Gun Responsibility

Working with The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, and energetic group of people gather to make phone calls to help ensure the passage of Initiative 594 – which would extend background checks to all gun purchases in the state.  The group is made up of Bet Alef members, Alliance workers, and volunteers from the wider community.  


The Healthcare Movie

Seattle First Baptist will host two viewings of The Healthcare Movie, Narrated by Keifer Sutherland. This documentary examines the evolution of healthcare in Canada and the US, and the ongoing public relations battle that keeps healthcare unavailable to many.

We can provide SUSTAINABLE HEALTH CARE to all Washington residents in the coming years. Following the movie, a panel of experts will answer questions and discuss how a single payer plan can be funded in our state.
To view movie trailer or purchase DVD click here.
To RSVP click here.


Solutions to Gun Violence in Our Community & State

Keynote Speaker: Cheryl Stumbo
“Cheryl Stumbo, a victim of the 2006 Jewish Federation shooting, remembers that terrible day, and opens up about her emotional trauma and the need for gun control”. Seattle Times 7/27/13

Also presenting: Tiffany Brace, Faith Field Organizer for Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility will give an update on the campaign to pass Initiative I-594, which will extend criminal and mental health background checks to all gun purchases in Washington State.

Sponsored by the Social Action Teams of Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue and Seattle First Baptist Church.


Place at the TableA Place At The Table; One Nation. Underfed

Created by Kristi Jacobson & Lori Silverbush

Narrated by Jeff Bridges

Presented by the Social Action Teams of Bet Alef & Seattle First Baptist Church

This powerful documentary shines a spotlight on the epidemic of hunger in the United States.  Seattle Times movie critic Moira Macdonald says: “It will leave you “angry — as the best rabble-rousing documentaries do — at how a country so rich could let so many people fall through the cracks.”


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