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Shabbat Services

Join Rabbi Olivier, our musicians, and community to share Kabbalat Shabbat Evening Services over candles, wine, and bread, either in person at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle or in the comfort of your own home. Connect with others and usher in the peaceful oasis of Shabbat in community.

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For millennia, Jews have observed the period from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown as a day of rest, renewal and reflection on matters of the heart and Spirit. When our civilization continuously focuses our attention outwardly—relentlessly inviting us to keep ourselves busy and unendingly distracted, always preoccupied with materialistic pursuits—celebrating Shabbat is a countercultural and almost subversive practice that is meant to turn us inward and remind us that we are multi-faceted beings with a deep spiritual side that needs our time and attention just as much.

And what better way to reconnect with the inner dimension of our self than to engage in a meaningful Jewish meditative practice? Studies continue to show that slowing down, practicing mindfulness, and integrating a spiritual practice as an essential part of our lives re-invigorate, rejuvenate, and bring people physical and mental health benefits. Such is the invitation of our Shabbat services.