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Membership Committee

The Membership committee works in coordination with the Outreach Committee and staff to support growth and engagement of Bet Alef membership. The committee seeks additional members with interest or background in community engagement, sales, marketing, or related areas.

    • Attend a 45-minute committee conference call once a month. 
    • Several times each year, make welcoming follow-up calls to event attendees, based on a list compiled by staff.
    • Rotate among committee members to represent the “Welcome Table” at Shabbat and other Bet Alef events (optional), or act as a guide/ambassador for visitors who may be receptive.
    • Go out of your way to meet newcomers and help them feel welcome. Introduce them to others.  Report back to the committee chair on any recommended follow-up. 


Mitzvah Committee

Chair: Barbara Kleine


The Mitzvah Committee supports community members in need.

  • Members of the committee rotate being “on-call” each week (typically one week per quarter per member). When a Bet Alef member is in need, the chair or office reaches out to the “on-call” committee member.
  • Requests for support often include bringing meals or visiting the sick or bereaved, sending a card or making a phone call to connect, or perhaps organizing a ride to/from services or a doctor appointment.
  • If the “on-call” committee member is unable to fulfill the request, a general call is made to organize support.


Oneg Committee

Chair: Susan Moss


Bet Alef Onegs are the “after party” for our signature Shabbat Services. Lively conversation, meaningful connections, time to share, and a few noshes are the hallmarks of the event. Committee members rotate as leads for 3-4 Onegs per year, overseeing:

    • Members signed up to bring snacks (fruit, savory, dessert, challah) 
    • Set-up, food prep, and clean-up.
    • Stewardship of the kitchen and the storage of its basic supplies — keeping everything clean, organized, and safe. 
    • Work with staff to encourage member sign-ups for Oneg contributions.  


Outreach Committee

Co-Chairs: Lowell Weiss and Cheryl Scott 

Email Lowell or Cheryl

The Outreach Committee has created a strategic plan that it’s now implementing to shed Bet Alef’s informal title of “best kept secret in Seattle.” The greatest need for support is for all Bet Alef members to spread the word about our community, inviting people to our events, sharing us on Facebook, and bringing someone to an event or service who is interested in our community.


Sanctuary Set-Up/Clean-Up

Co-Chairs: Cindy Campbell and D’vorah Levy

Email Cindy or D’vorah

Turn the church into a synagogue and back again! Dedicated volunteers manage the set-up and clean-up of our sanctuary space, recruiting from attendees of each service to help. This committee is currently looking for a Saturday morning service lead.

  • Carry quilted banners and Torah from Bet Alef office and place in sanctuary
  • Place prayer books and kippot on sanctuary entrance table
  • Set up tables with items for visitors and general info in lobby
  • Place a-frame signs outside
  • Unlock Seneca street upper entrance
  • Place the number of candles needed on the menora
  • Coordinate with staff on any handouts, lists, or inserts needed
  • Return all items back to stored spots and lock doors


Events & Holidays


BALI Committee

Co-Chairs: Tracy Wellens and Barbara Kleine (seeking possible new co-chair)

Email Tracy or Barbara

BALI events present guest teachers and speakers that encourage a more inclusive understanding of our world. This committee is only active once or twice per year during the 6-8 weeks prior to an event, working with staff to plan and execute these events.

  • Attend initial planning meeting and assign task areas, including attendee check-in, ushering, and set-up/cleanup.
  • Assist staff with recruiting volunteers and communicate within assigned task area to coordinate logistics
  • Send list of volunteers to staff for post-event acknowledgement


Passover Committee

Co-Chairs: Rochelle Gaither and Amy Bearmon

Email Rochelle or Amy

The Passover committee works with staff to organize seder contribution sign-ups, volunteers, set-up, check-ins, and clean-up.

  • Need committee members for 2018!
  • Attend initial planning meeting and assign task areas
  • Communicate with day-of-event volunteers to coordinate logistics
  • Send list of volunteers to staff for post-event acknowledgement


High Holiday Committee

Co-chairs: Ricki Levin and Cindy Campbell

Email Ricki or Cindy

Individual High Holiday event or committee chairs organize scheduling their teams for event days, which include a few emails and/or phone calls. Check below for open spots!

  • Attend 2-4 meetings throughout the year to assign task areas, improve systems, and prepare for the coming year.
  • Communicate with day-of-event volunteers within your assigned area and coordinate logistics
  • Send list of volunteers to chair and staff for post-event acknowledgement
  • Events/areas to be assigned: ushers and greeters, tickets, Rosh Hashanah Oneg, Rosh Hashanah Potluck, Break-Fast, Candles, Flowers, and Food Drive.


Chanukah Committee

Co-chairs: Tracy Wellens  and Linda Morris

Email Tracy or Linda

The Chanukah committee works with staff to organize the Chanukah dinner and celebration.

  • Need committee members for 2018!
  • Attend initial planning meeting and assign task areas, including vendor tables, check-ins, coordination with caterer, set-up, and clean-up.
  • Communicate with day-of volunteers or vendors within task area to coordinate logistics.
  • Send list of volunteers to staff for post-event acknowledgement


Social Action



Interfaith Climate Action – First Hill

Chair: Keith Ervin


Members of Bet Alef and Seattle First Baptist Church meet each month on a Sunday at 7:00 PM in the Bet Alef Living Room as a group of friends, asking what we can do next to further our goal of maintaining a livable climate. This includes mobilizing involvement in educational programs, public meetings, forums, and demonstrations, and identifying personal initiatives to reduce our own carbon footprint.  New members are eagerly welcome. Come help build a powerful faith-based moral voice for climate justice!


Social Groups


Men’s Group

The Men’s Group is a space of fellowship and camaraderie, a place to share and discuss topics of change and roles in the world of men with like-minded men. The issues can be personal and spiritual, involve conflict and resolution, faith and science, relationships, and other matters facing those in attendance. Wisdom and experience are shared. We seek to understand and listen carefully to each other and to become friends. Members generally leave more peaceful and uplifted than when they arrive. The group meets once a month, 7:00-9:00 PM, usually at the home of a hosting member who provides light snacks, and would love to have you join!

Women’s Group

The Women’s Group provides the opportunity for all women of Bet Alef to socialize while gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world, guided by Jewish stories and teachings. Using the book “Kabbalah Month by Month,” by Melinda Ribner as a starting point, discussions explore how the unique energies of each month of the Hebrew calendar are relevant to our lives. Meetings are held in the Bet Alef Living Room 7:00-8:30 PM on the second Wednesday of each month, and would love to have you join! 

Finance Committee

The Finance committee is led by the Board Treasurer and includes board members and staff from the Executive team. They are involved in crafting the annual organizational budget and advising the board on fiduciary matters.