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Lifelong Learning at Bet Alef

At Bet Alef, we believe in lifelong learning as an intergenerational endeavor. We are all lifelong learners, as our experience – or our enthusiasm and fresh eyes – give us different opportunities to grow, to change, and to discover the truth of our being.

We offer learning opportunities for all ages of life. We offer meaningful, play-based childcare for our youngest children during Shabbat services, and welcome our older children into our weekly Geza’im (grades 3-5) program. We give our children and youth the opportunity to connect with the deeper spiritual and mystical understanding of Judaism, to root themselves in Jewish traditions and embrace Hebrew as the language of our texts and heritage, from the youngest age all the way to becoming B’nai Mitzvah. For our adults, we offer classes in Jewish meditation, Kabbalah, and Torah study. We are committed to providing opportunities for you and your family to grow in your Jewish spiritual knowledge and wisdom. 

We also have established Bet Alef Learning Institute (BALI) as a publicly recognized 501(c)3 to expand our community’s commitment to education, spirituality and Tikkun Olam (healing the world). BALI invites Bet Alef members and those in the greater community to experience together the wisdom of guest teachers speaking on meaningful and wide-ranging topics, and by offering events that encourage a more inclusive understanding of our world. Previous events have included topics such as racial reconciliation, mindfulness, and environmental stewardship.