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Winter Celebrations


Chanukah at Bet Alef is a joyful celebration of light and the commemoration of an ancient miracle. It is a time for us to reflect on the light that we bring into the world and focus on the miracles of life around us.  It is also a time for beautiful music, family, friends and delicious food.

Each year we celebrate with a Chanukah Latke Dinner and a celebratory Shabbat Service. We all bring our menorahs and light them together at service, and remember this holiday of light in the darkness.

Community Chanukah Celebration

Join us in our Chanukah celebration this winter for a special Chanukah Shabbat on Friday, December 11th! Rabbi Olivier will invite us in considering the story of Chanukah as a mirror to the socio-economic political tectonic plates colliding in our world today.

Tu BiShvat

Join Bet Alef for a celebration of the Birthday of the Trees. In the darkest, coldest time of winter, we gather together to plant and to remember growth and longevity.