Bet Alef is Hiring!

We currently have incredibly fun and well-paying opportunities working with our youth!

What is Bet Alef?

Our name means “The House of the One.” And that house is big enough to include every one. We are an inclusive, progressive, independent Jewish community deeply rooted in the enduring evolving wisdom of our ancient texts and traditions, yet unafraid to borrow and build from other sources in the service of offering a transformative personal spiritual encounter to all who come under our roof. We are not your old-school shul! And the best way to meet us is to come to one of our Shabbat services.

Our Shabbat Services

Our Shabbat services provide a perfect entry point for people to not only explore Jewish tradition and spirituality through ancient and modern prayers and practices, but to take a break from the hectic pace of our busy lives and gather together to remember that we are human *beings* and not just human *doings*. They are a regular oasis from our over- busy, over-stimulated, clock-driven lives, a time to rest, reflect, re-connect to and remember the Oneness that we are. They are also a bridge to carry our mind, body, and spirit from the work-week into the fullness of Shabbat, and a laboratory to learn more about and experience the Jewish mystical path.

Coming Soon

Torah/Tanya Study

Begins Saturday, October 19th
10:30 AM

This year our study will dive deep into the stunning waters of Kabbalah. We will immerse ourselves in the powerful teachings of one of its greatest Chasidic masters: Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, and his mystical masterpiece: Likkutei Amarim, commonly known as The Tanya.

Our first session will be in our community Sukkah, and following sessions will fall on our 1st & 3rd Shabbat Saturday mornings at Bet Alef in First Hill.

*Non-Member Cost per class:
$10 suggested donation

Sukkot Celebrations

Saturday, October 19
Beginning at 10:30 AM

10:30 AM - Torah/Tanya Study Kickoff*
12:30 PM - Brown Bag Community Lunch in the Sukkah
3-5 PM - "Introduction to Sukkot" Workshop
5:30 PM - Community Potluck Dinner in the Sukkah
6:30 PM - Havdalah Ceremony
7-9 PM - Movie Night in The Sukkah

*Please note that a donation of $10 is suggested for non-members participating in the Torah/Tanya Study.

Simchat Torah

Monday, October 21st, 7 PM

As it has been our tradition for many years, we will unroll our precious Torah Scroll and - as is custom for the Holy Day - we will hear the last and first verses of the Torah be chanted to mark the unbroken cycle of our people's relationship with our Torah.

And, together, we will dance, sing, and celebrate the gift of Torah. Please join us!


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1111 Harvard Ave
Seattle WA 98122

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