Physical Distance leads to Creative Connections!

As the global Covid-19 situation continues to unfold here in Seattle, we are choosing to practice physical distancing under our “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order while maintaining our social connection in creative new ways. If you are joining us locally, we look forward to seeing you in person soon, and if you have found us from far away, we want to welcome you to be a part of our larger community.

After all, we are all in this together!

Rabbi Olivier now offers online Mid-Day Meditation throughout the week, and we are working hard to  transform our traditional times together like Shabbat and Passover into an online-accessible interactive experience! Scroll down for more information about our community, or use the quicklinks below.

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Welcome to Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue

Our Seattle synagogue is an inclusive, progressive, independent Jewish community deeply rooted in the enduring evolving wisdom of our ancient texts and traditions, yet unafraid to borrow and build from other sources in the service of offering a transformative personal spiritual encounter to all who come under our roof. We aren’t your old-school shul!

“Bet Alef” means “The House of the One.” And that house is big enough to include everyone.

Bet Alef is not only committed to personal, spiritual transformation, but also the transformation of our communities through commitment to immigration reform, care for the earth, interfaith interaction and peace-building, lifelong learning and education, and diversity and inclusion in both theory and practice. We are also a registered 501(c)3.

We welcome everyone to join us in by visiting for services and to serve the greater Seattle community.


Shabbat Services

"Stay Home, Stay Healthy" doesn't mean we can't be together for Shabbat!

We have three different ways to experience Shabbat while we are unable to gather in person.

  1. Watch our pre-recorded Shabbat Services on our YouTube Channel on the 1st & 3rd Friday evening.
  2. Join us for Torah Study via Zoom on the 1st & 3rd Bet Alef Shabbat Saturday morning at 10:30 AM
  3. Join us for Shabbat Evening Blessings on the 2nd & 4th Friday evenings live-streamed directly from Rabbi Olivier’s home.

The best way to experience our community is to come to Shabbat services, the first and third Friday of each month at 7:30 PM. It’s, of course, free and open to everyone.

You can find us in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, located inside Seattle First Baptist. Shabbat services are the perfect entry point not only to explore Jewish tradition and spirituality through ancient and modern prayers and practices, but to take a break from the hectic pace of our busy lives and gather together to remember that we are human *beings* and not just human *doings.*

Shabbat at Bet Alef synagogue is a regular oasis from our busy, over-stimulated, clock-driven lives. Come rest, reflect, re-connect to and remember the Oneness that we are. They are also a bridge to carry our mind, body, and spirit from the work-week into the fullness of Shabbat, and a laboratory to learn more about and experience the Jewish mystical path.

Celebrate With Us

Mid-Day Meditation with Rabbi Olivier

Join us on Zoom or Facebook Live
Mondays, TuesdaysThursdays, and Fridays
from 12 noon to 12:30 PM
We will take 30 minutes together to meditate and be connected.

These beautiful moments are a quiet oasis of digital interconnectedness in the midst of a new, constantly changing world.

How to Join Us For Shabbat Online

All the details for how to take part in our recorded services, evening blessings, and Torah study are posted on our Ways to Participate Online page. Our Shabbat Prayer Booklet and Sefaria’s Pirkei Avot are also available for download. We look forward to sharing this sacred space with you together.

Shabbaton Meditation Retreat

Imagine a day, a full 24 hour day, where you could embark on an inner journey of deep spiritual exploration. A journey that would open your mind, heal your heart and nourish your soul. An inner journey.

Imagine that to embark on such journey, you wouldn’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. All that would be required is for you to make your home a temple-for-a-day and transform time itself into a sacred container, into Shabbat.

That journey would include spaces for meditation, sacred learning, singing, chanting, silence, mindfulness and so much more. It would be taken alone but shared in community. You could participate as much or as little as you’d like, you could join in for parts of the day and sit other times out.

This is the journey we are inviting you to partake in. A 24-hr Shabbaton Retreat starting Friday evening, May 15th, at 6:30 PM and ending after havdalah, Saturday evening at 6:30 PM.

Contact Us

1111 Harvard Ave
Seattle WA 98122