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Belong: Bet Alef

Belonging isn’t just about believing the right things, wearing the right things, doing the right things. Belonging is about finding a sense of “home” – the knowledge that you’ve found “A joyful home for Jewish Spirituality” that fits you personally. Belonging is about making a choice that *this place* means something to you, that the people have connected with you.

Belonging can also be about a strange and subtle pull or call toward a vision or a purpose that might feel unknown or strange, but that connects you to a particular community.

At Bet Alef, we have many different ways in which people find their belonging with us. 

Caring Community

What we love most at Bet Alef is the shared joy of all our communal celebrations. And it’s not just our holidays or our Shabbats. It also is our members’ marriages, our children’s B’nai Mitzvahs, our new parents’ baby namings. And if life only afforded us those we would be blessed beyond measure. Life greatest moments of light, however, are brighter to us because we also know its times of darkness. Bet Alef members have, since the early days of our community’s existence, come together to create a Mitzvah Team of volunteers to support those suffering from illness or major disabilities (providing meals and companionship, rides to doctor appointments and grocery shopping,) those in the process of dying and their family, as well as those in mourning (organizing Shiva Calls and memorial services).

For more information, to request our Mitzvah Team’s assistance or to volunteer, please contact our team lead, Barbara Kleine below.