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Celebrate Purim @ Bet Alef

March 6

On Friday, March 6th, join Bet Alef for its annual Purim extravaganza... If you want to be "rocked" and "rhapsodied" with some classic beats and styling with the sounds of Queen - and the story of our amazing Queen Esther - then you'll be enraptured by "Shushanian Rhapsody."

With hilarious parodies of classics like "Bohemian Rhapsody," "I Want to Break Free" and more, you'll be thrilled as we retell the classic tale of Esther, Mordecai, and the wicked Haman (boo!).

Make sure to save the date and invite all your friends and family!


April 8th-April 16th

Come explore with Bet Alef the mystical and profoundly personal meanings embedded in this millenia-old yet now-more-than-ever relevant Passover Holiday. Jewish or not, first-timer or repeat participant, Bet Alef invites you to join in the warmth of community to celebrate the holiday of freedom. 

With Rabbi Olivier BenHaim as our guide, we will explore the deeper mystical teachings of our lineage and share the traditional symbols, story & songs, in order to discover anew the spiritual dimensions of Passover and their meaning in our own lives.

There are 4 ways to participate! Learn More Below.


The Shalom Habibi Comedy Tour

Saturday, April 18, 7 pm

What’s the best way to deal with pain, trauma, and the feeling of not belonging? Comedy, of course! And what communities deal with oodles of said pain and trauma? Jews and Muslims, to name a few. That’s why Eitan Levine and Yeganeh Mafaher have teamed up to use comedy to bridge the gap between these two communities. The two comedians are teaming up to present Shalom Habibi, a comedy tour that hopes to inspire meaningful conversations, unity, and of course, lots of laughter. More information and tickets available below!


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