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Mid-Day Meditation with Rabbi Olivier

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We will take 30 minutes together to meditate and be connected.

These beautiful moments are a quiet oasis of digital interconnectedness in the midst of a new, constantly changing world.

Shelter-In-Place Passover Journey

Thursday, April 9, 6 PM

with Rabbi Olivier

As we shelter-in-place, we still want to remember the journey that our ancestors took from captivity into freedom on this important Jewish holiday. This moment in history provides a unique opportunity for us to connect in new ways, learn new methods of doing life #togetherathome and to celebrate our traditions in innovative ways.

We will be hosting a virtual Seder from Rabbi Olivier & Amy's home via online streaming, with more details to follow!

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While Zoom is our major platform for online gatherings right now, we are also doing our best to stream everything to Facebook Live. We are also working on ensuring that our YouTube channel remains a resource for you.

You can always visit our YouTube Channel for meditations, messages on Torah Portions, and fun Purim Shpiel services. 

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