This Month @ Bet Alef

2020 Annual Meditation Retreat

January 31 - February 2

Each participant in our Shabbaton Meditation Retreat will be given tools to discern for him/herself what is, at present, most calling for attention in their lives; and set for themselves a Kavanah, an Intention/Focus, for the retreat and beyond. They will then choose a sacred word or phrase commensurate to their Kavanah to use through this weekend of Hitbonenut, contemplative meditation practice.

The Whidbey Institute will host Bet Alef for the fourth time in a beautiful and nurturing place. It is the perfect backdrop for deeply moving and spiritual experience for a retreat led by Rabbi Olivier. And by the way, the food is amazing!

Join Our Community

Weekly on Tuesdays:

January 7 through March 24,
Bet Alef Living Room & via Zoom 

Now you know your Alef-Bet and you can read Hebrew comfortably if not fluently. It’s time to add some vocabulary, learn about basic grammatical concepts and finally understand what the Torah and the Sidur have said all along, without the need for anyone else’s translation. Besides, Rabbi Olivier has found a great workbook and will be leading this class, so you know it’s going to be fun!

This class is for those who have taken the Hebrew 101 class, or are proficient in reading Hebrew. If you are unsure, contact Rabbi Olivier.

How much?
$180 members, $220 non-members
(monthly payment plans available) 


Spectrum of Conciousness

A Course in Understanding
How we Grow and Evolve 

Weekly on Thursdays:

January 9 through March 12,
Bet Alef Living Room & via Zoom 

It’s election year in America. Whatever side of the proverbial aisle we find ourselves, we often wonder: “How can ‘they’ think/vote the way they do? What is wrong with people?!” In most cases our infuriating frustration stems from a shared flaw in human design; what teachers have called: “The Myth of The Given.” It refers to the assumption most of us make that there is a given reality “out there,” the perception and understanding of which is universal. In other words, the world that I perceive is the same for everyone. 

Through this class, Rabbi Olivier will invite us to deconstruct this myth and help us unpack how consciousness evolves both individually and universally as a gorgeous multicolored spectrum. It might, for sure, help us face the upcoming elections more mindfully. Most critically, however, it might just change everything
How much?
$200 members, $270 non-members
(monthly payment plans available) 



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