This Month @ Bet Alef

The Origins of Shabbat

Friday, September 20th 
7:30 PM

Rabbi Olivier invites you to join him for a learning journey as he traces the Origins of the holy day of Shabbat. Shabbat Services are an oasis of mindfulness (emunah - "it-is-so-ness") in the midst of the swirl of weekly activity, an invitation to turn inward and away from the outer world of never-ending distractions, and to find a slower more enriching pace for our lives. They are also a space to be renewed, find joy, and be uplifted by enlivening music. 
Bring a friend, join us for services and stay for our delicious post-service Oneg to make new friends and spend time in community.

S'lichot: Saturday, September 21st, 8 PM

Bet Alef’s S’lichot service is our gateway into the energies of the High Holy Days. We gather in community to mark our transitioning into sacred time. This late night service ahead of Rosh Hashanah helps to prepare for the season by deepening our understanding of the challenge of forgiveness, crossing a threshold into a new kind of energy: that of the High Holy Days.

No ticket required — admission is free.

High Holy Days

September 21st - October 9th

As the New Year approaches, we  invite you to join us on a journey beyond the frame of rituals and reawaken to the deeper spiritual teachings available during the High Holy Days— from Havdalah on S’lichot to the final sound of the Shofar on Yom Kippur. This year, we will seek to find the spiritual resilience needed to navigate our way forward in these challenging times. 

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