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Joining Our Community

We believe that a synagogue like Bet Alef plays an important role not only in the life of those who come through its doors, but in the Jewish community as a whole and the greater interfaith spiritual community. Our congregation is an oasis of serenity, joy and peace in the often-overwhelming pace of our modern lives. But it is more than that. With its universal message of oneness, of inter-beingness that emerges from Jewish practices such as mindfulness and meditation, the teachings offered at Bet Alef support each individual in their own journey of healing, of forgiving and of personal evolution. Many find that being part of a community such as ours allows them to see the world, their life, their loved ones differently; transforming them into more inclusive, more embracing, more accepting and less fearful people

We are a community which proudly swings its doors wide-open. Because our teachings are grounded in understanding that all beings are expressions of the One Love that permeates all Creation, we seek to move beyond the dichotomies that alienate us from one another on the basis of sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality or skin color. All are welcome here: Jewish, interfaith and non-Jewish families, families of one, two or polyamorous, single parents, LGBTQ families with or without children, families of all ages and all abilities. All are welcome!

If, like us, you believe that—today more than ever—a congregation such as Bet Alef is not just needed in this world but deserves to thrive and blossom so that more and more people’s lives can be enriched by its presence whether you come once a year or for every Shabbat, then, like us, you will want to ensure its sustainability today and tomorrow.

We encourage you to become a sustaining member of your community by making an Annual Sustaining Contribution (ASC) to ensure that all that you have found personal and spiritual nourishment from continues to be made available to you and those who will discover us next, for many years to come. We welcome everyone’s participation in sustaining Bet Alef regardless of their financial abilities.

For more information of becoming a sustaining member, please contact Karen Warner, Bet Alef Executive Director at 206-527-9399 or karen@betalef.org.

Benefits of Your Sustaining Relationship

Belonging to Bet Alef is about sustaining relationship between you and the entire Bet Alef community. Through your participation, service and funding, you receive both tangible and intangible benefits.

These include:

  • Knowing that you make a difference by supporting Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue.
  • Saturday Morning Torah Classes.
  • Reduced pricing on holidays, activities and special events.
  • Regular information about Bet Alef activities.
  • Opportunities to share special occasions and life cycle events with your community.
  • Free workshops in preparation for major Jewish Holidays (Passover & High Holy Days.)
  • Individual spiritual counseling with Rabbi Olivier in times of need.