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Beit Midrash – A Guide To The Perplexed

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Shabbat mornings for our study of Maimonides’ A Guide To The Perplexed.
This controversial text has been a point of contention for centuries in Jewish communities. This philosophical masterpiece is, indeed, credited for ushering in a new era in Jewish thought and, as such, for being a transformative influence on our people.
Note: please purchase the translation of The Guide of The Perplexed by Shlomo Pines, which includes an Introductory Essay by Leo Strauss. If you are unable to find a copy within an affordable price range for you, please e-mail Rabbi Olivier by clicking here and we will make sure to have a copy sent to you. No one is ever prevented from participating at Bet Alef events for lack of funds.
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