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Beit Midrash – A Guide To The Perplexed

Now both in-person and online!

In the Bet Alef Living Room at 806 N 64th St, Seattle WA 98103 and on Zoom

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Shabbat mornings for our study of Maimonides’ A Guide To The Perplexed.This controversial text has been a point of contention for centuries in Jewish communities. This philosophical masterpiece is, indeed, credited for ushering in a new era in Jewish thought and, as such, for being a transformative influence on our people.

Note: please purchase the translation of The Guide of The Perplexed by Shlomo Pines, which includes an Introductory Essay by Leo Strauss. If you are unable to find a copy within an affordable price range for you, please e-mail Rabbi Olivier by clicking here and we will make sure to have a copy sent to you. No one is ever prevented from participating at Bet Alef events for lack of funds.

Email our Office Manager at for the Zoom link if you are participating remotely.