Family Learning at Bet Alef

A Unique Spiritual Jewish Education For Your Family

Our Family Learning Program is dedicated to the belief that continuing to support and nourish a deepening meaningful Jewish life for your family, and creating a community of spiritually committed adults around and for your children is the blessing that Bet Alef is meant to offer.

Our year is chock-full of amazing events for families, children and anyone who is looking for an engaging way to connect with community and to enhance their spiritual journey. Programming includes education opportunities for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-7 as well as Shabbat and Holiday celebrations. Learn more about Bet Alef teacher Felice Orlich.

2016-17 Family Programming

Grades K-2

Once a Month Saturday Mornings — Starting November 19th.

Olivier with KidsOn the Saturdays following our Third-Friday Shabbat services, between 10:30 AM and 12:00 PM (while parents attend Torah Study,) our new teacher, Felice Orlich, will lead programming for children in grades K-2 at the Bet Alef office. We will end our learning time together with a family potluck lunch at the Bet Alef office.
PS: If you want to attend Torah Study and your child(ren) is older, Felice will look to provide individuated learning as well, class-size allowing. Please register for that separately.


Grades 3-5

Tuesday Evenings Weekly — Starting November 1st.

On Tuesday evenings (following the school-year calendar,) from 4:15-6:15 PM at the Bet Alef office, Felice will offer a comprehensive learning program for children grades 3-5. Participation in this program is mandatory for children planning to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Bet Alef.
This first year, hour one of each session will be dedicated to learning Hebrew (Level 1). Hour two will focus on Jewish spiritual practices and values (Mitzvot). Students will progress to higher Hebrew levels over the 3 years of the program and before continuing with Rabbi Oliver in the B’nai Mitzvah course, grades 6-7.


Grades 6-7

teaching kids seder - croppedB’nai Mitzvah Program
This two-year program led by Rabbi Olivier begins again in November. Over the course of the program students learn Hebrew, Jewish rituals and prayer, study and learn to chant from their birth Torah portion, and engage in meaningful age-appropriate conversations with the rabbi around topics such as Jewish History and the Path of Mitzvot.


All Grades – Free
On the Saturdays following our First-Friday Shabbat services, between 10-11:30 AM, kids of all ages (and their parents) are invited to participate in a Shabbat Morning Service led by the incredibly talented musician, Chava Mirell, and by Rabbi Olivier. This service will be followed by a family potluck lunch at the Bet Alef office. Attending this service is mandatory for all students in the B’nai Mitzvah program.


Saturday Morning Programming.
$270 per student, per year, for members.
$360 per student, per year, for non-members.

Tuesday Evening Programming.
$500 per student, per year, for members.
$600 per student, per year, for non-members.

For more information email the Bet Alef office.


Shabbat/Havdalah Family Celebrations:

Continuing and expanding a bit on our tradition of family potluck Shabbat celebrations. There will be blessings, great food, and special Shabbat programming for the kids at each event. These events will be held at Bet Alef, and will take place in the evenings.

Family Holiday Celebrations:

Set up like a learning fair – each event will include hands on learning about the holiday, crafts, cooking, music and games. It will be a wonderful way for families to celebrate and learn together.


Felice Orlich – Hebrew and Saturday School Teacher

feliceFelice grew up in New York in the 60’s and 70’s. Like many Jewish kids in her neighborhood, she was raised by ultra-orthodox grandparents, and parents who kept a cultural Jewish home and sent their kids to Ramaz yeshiva where she went through 12th grade. Felice and her family are Bet Alef members. Outside of Bet Alef, Dr. Felice Orlich is the Director of community outreach at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington Medical School and an attending at Seattle Children’s Hospital.


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