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Membership Pledge


Bet Alef is a “fair share” congregation, meaning each member household pays its portion of the membership cost based on financial ability. Our pledge policy is based on the belief that each of us plays an equitable and important role in the support and development of our spiritual community.

Many religious communities expect a tithe of 5 to 10% of income (cf. Deuteronomy), or request to see tax returns as part of a membership pledge discussion. Bet Alef simply asks you to make your spiritual home a financial priority by generously committing 2 to 2.5% of household income as an annual pledge. We depend on those with resources to pledge more than others so that we can welcome everyone into our community, including those eager to participate but with fewer financial resources to contribute.

Bet Alef’s membership and fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. New members joining after High Holidays will be pro-rated. Membership payments are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your membership payments can be arranged as automated monthly deductions (most common), or however works best for you. At the end of the fiscal year, your pledge and payment cycles will automatically renew unless you make changes.

Membership pledges alone are not sufficient to cover all the operating costs. In addition, Bet Alef holds one fundraiser per year to make us sustainable.

The chart below is a guide. Family size and other factors might require or allow a variance down or up, but we depend upon all members pledging their fair share.


Annual Household Income 



Sliding Scale 













































Minimum Suggested Pledge 




All information in this form will be treated confidentially.


Bet Alef’s pledge policy is based on the belief that each of us plays an equitable and important role in the support and development of our community. An annual pledge is suggested at 2 ‐ 2.5% of annual household income (see chart).

I affirm my membership in the Bet Alef community with my commitment to pay an annual pledge of support. Based on my income and ability, my total pledge will be:

At the end of each fiscal year (June 30th), your pledge and payments will automatically renew unless you make changes with the office.


By check: 

Please make checks out to Bet Alef and mail to:

Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue
1111 Harvard Ave. 
Seattle, WA 98122 

By phone: 

You can pay via credit card over the phone by calling: 206-527-9399 


To pay via our online portal, please log in to your account at www.betalefmembers.org. You can add a transaction using the menu on the right side of the screen and selecting “Membership Pledge 2020-2021” from the dropdown list (or the current fiscal year). If you have trouble accessing your account, feel free to contact the office at 206-527-9399 or email info@betalef.org

In person: 

You can also drop a payment in the Tzedakah box during our Friday Shabbat services when we begin to meet in person again, or drop it off to the office at our location.