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Regathering & Parking

How Will Shabbat Services Happen?

Beginning November 5th, 2021, our Shabbat services will begin at 7 PM. The services will be livestreamed for those who cannot attend in person. They will also be recorded for viewing at other times, and available on our Shabbat & Find Us Online pages, on Facebook and YouTube.

Do I Need to Sign Up?

No, we will have plenty of space for all to safely return. The Sanctuary can host up to 600 people (including balconies) and we are looking to seal off every other pew to allow for social distancing. The center and left balcony will be open for those who prefer even more separation.

Can I Bring Tzedakah?

We will resume our practice of offering Tzedakah, dropping your gift in our purple box in the back of the Sanctuary. You might consider doing so as you first enter our space, however, if you are uncomfortable getting up with everyone during services. Additionally, you may also sign up for online giving at https://www.betalefmembers.org/payment.php

Will We Have an Oneg?

 No, we will not have an Oneg inside for our initial Shabbat gatherings. As we did during the pandemic, Rabbi Olivier will be leading the Kiddush and Motzi at the end of services. Members of our Oneg committee will be passing prepared individual cups with wine (or grape juice) and pre-cut challah through the sanctuary ahead of the blessings.

Can I hang out with fellow Bet Alef members before and after services?

You are welcome to visit with the person(s) sitting next to you in the pews. However, so that all attendees can comfortably enter and exit while maintaining safe distance, please gather outside as appropriate to greet people and re-connect. Please do not stand in the lobbies. Also, please keep in mind that all cars need to leave the Poly Clinic parking lot by 10:30 PM. (See “Parking” below)


So, where do I park? Parking will be significantly different when Shabbat services resume on Friday, August 6th. The parking lot adjacent to Seattle First Baptist Church has been fenced off and construction there has begun to build yet another apartment complex. We ask for the following things in this transition time:

  • Please read this information carefully. If you do not understand or have questions, reach out to Karen at karen@betalef.org or call the office at 206-527-9399.
  • Please plan to arrive early the first time you come on Friday evening. If you have problems or need information, volunteers and staff members will be onsite to direct you.
  • Please be patient. This will be a big learning experience and transition for all. We have worked hard for a smooth process but there may be a few issues to work out.

The parking lot that has been made available to us is the..

Poly Clinic Garage (200+ spaces)

1145 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122
(just south of East Union street)

You do not have to pay for parking as you enter. Instead, you will be given a permanent pass/permit when you arrive the first time. That permit will allow you to freely enter and exit the garage each Shabbat. It will be good for your first and every Bet Alef Friday night Shabbat service thereafter.
Moving forward, all you’ll ever have to do is just display the permit on your windshield when you arrive on Friday evenings. That’s it!

Please note: The owners of the Poly Clinic Garage are making the parking lot available to us at no cost. Bet Alef is only paying for the required security on the premises. That being said, they have asked us to follow certain requirements in order to use their property.

  • We are not allowed to put directional signs on the street, in or around the garage. We ask that you map out exactly for yourself where the entrance to the garage is prior to arriving. Again, the entrance is on Broadway, just south of E. Union street. For those who might know the 8 oz Burger restaurant, that restaurant is also on Broadway, just north of E. Union street. 
  • At no time may any Bet Alef member or guest enter the Poly Clinic building itself or use its elevators. This is a very strict condition for our continued use. Please respect it and exit the garage back from the Broadway entrance. 
  • The garage is available to Bet Alef members and guests from 6 PM to 10:30 PM.
    The garage will close at 10:30 PM and cars not retrieved by their owners by that time will be locked in the garage and unavailable until the following Monday morning.

Beginning November 5th, 2021

1st & 3rd Fridays at 7 PM

At a Bet Alef Friday night Shabbat Service, we…

  • Light the candles as an invitation to honor the light in our lives and in others
  • Use the traditional liturgy as a foundation to explore our spiritual journey
  • Chant, meditate and sing to unlock the deeply personal meaning of the prayers and allow them to resonate more fully through our Being
  • Explore the weekly Torah portion using a Kabbalistic interpretation
  • Allow music to take us deeper and joyfully re-energize us
  • Draw strength, hope, and humor from others in our community

All in all, a joyous process that enables us to become more present to our lives, families and friends.

Shabbat Shalom!