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Invest in Sustaining Bet Alef

There are many ways to support the work of Bet Alef. We encourage those who call Bet Alef their spiritual home to make the investment of a Sustaining Annual Contribution. If the thought of membership feels unknown or foreign, we would also invite you to contact either Rabbi Olivier or Karen in order to talk through the benefits and responsibilities of committing on a more “official” basis to our community. 

I am not Jewish, or I am part of an interfaith family, am I welcome

Yes! We are an inclusive community, with Universal spiritual teachings and practices. Many of our members were raised in different faith traditions, and we welcome interfaith relationships, partnerships, and participation. Bring your whole self to service, regardless of your spiritual background, and we promise to meet you exactly where you are.

I’m LGBTQ, am I welcome?

Absolutely. We just recently hosted Seattle’s PRIDE Shabbat for 2018. It was a privilege and so much fun to invite all of our friends, families, allies, and those deeply embedded in that rich community into our home for this special service. Check out the YouTube link on the right!

I was raised Orthodox, am I welcome?

Of course. We do want to let you know in advance that our synagogue is a shared space, meaning we do not have a kosher kitchen, but also that our observation of kashrut is different from most Orthodox communities. At our Oneg and shared meals, we try to always provide ingredients and vegetarian options for those who are trying to observe.

I don't know anything about meditation, am I welcome?

Sure. We’d love to help you explore that side of your spirituality.

I am a person of color, am I welcome?

At Bet Alef, we value diversity, and are learning together about how to better support our friends of color, addressing what it means to be white, and working with experts in the field of Racial Reconciliation. Your voice, your presence, your uniqueness, your ethnicity… these are all valuable to us. 

I am an immigrant, am I welcome?

Rabbi Olivier himself is an immigrant. We are actively seeking justice in areas of immigration policy, reform, the presence of a detention center in our region, and other ways in which we can help our brothers and sisters from other nations find the thriving life and blessing that we have found here in the USA. We support you and welcome you within our walls.

I am a Millennial (Boomer, Gen Xer, etc), am I welcome?

All ages, all stages are welcome at Bet Alef. Your age does not matter to us nearly as much as your presence, your participation, and your authentic engagement with our community. We value intergenerational experiences and lifelong learning and try to provide entry points, learning opportunities and connections for people from our youngest pre-schoolers through high school, college, young family life, and beyond. Your wisdom and life experience – in any generation – only enriches our community.