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I don’t know about you but I am really excited to see the movie, “Connected,” in our Sukkah on Saturday night.  It’s not the type of movie you would expect to see on Sukkot but I feel the topic is so pertinent to each us in our daily lives.  As I check my email, update my status on Facebook, and even write here on the Bet Alef blog, I often wonder whether these actions are bringing me closer or further connected to people and the world around me.  Does technology make you feel more or less connected in the world?  Please join us in our Sukkah at 7pm on Saturday, October 15 as we view the film and ponder our connections to technology and the people around us.

About The Film:
For centuries, we’ve been declaring our independence. Now It’s time for us together to declare our Interdependence. Director Tiffany Shlain’s new documentary film, CONNECTED, is a moving eye opening exploration into what it means to be “connected” in the 21st century. CONNECTED touches the heart as deeply as it provokes the mind. Watch the trailer here:

CONNECTED is a personal film with universal relevance, a combination documentary and memoir. It follows a life-changing year in Tiffany’s life where her very understanding of connection was challenged by her father’s battle with cancer and her own high-risk pregnancy. Tiffany’s experience is translated into an enlightening cinematic journey with insights that show us the extraordinary web of interconnection that links us to each other and to our world.

Al Gore says, “Tiffany demonstrates, with lyrical simplicity, our interdependence on one another and the interconnectedness of humanity with all life on earth.” The Hollywood Reporter calls CONNECTED “A personal yet universal story about the Internet Age… a highly energized romp through a myriad of ideas about where the human race is headed.” Tiffany Shlain is a celebrated filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards. Her lifelong love/hate relationship with technology serves as the springboard for this involving meditation on what truly makes our world go ‘round.