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Membership Application


Welcome to Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue

We are delighted you have chosen to become part of our community. We hope that you will find sustaining membership an enriching experience and encourage you to explore the diverse opportunities for spirituality and expression that Bet Alef offers. Please feel free to contact Rabbi Olivier BenHaim, our office manager, or one of our Board members if you’d like more information or need assistance.

All information in this application will be treated confidentially.

Volunteer Opportunities

To strengthen our community, we ask that you share your gifts of time and talent with us by checking the appropriate box or boxes below. You will be contacted by a member with more information. At any time if you want to help out or just talk with someone about possibilities, please contact the office at 206-527-9399.


At Bet Alef, our incredible staff is assisted by the incredible work of our committees. Please indicate if you have any interest in any of our committees below.

Talents, Interests, & Unique Gifts

There are many ways that you can get involved at Bet Alef - and we may not know yet all the ways that you can innovate and make a difference in our community. What kinds of skills do you bring to the table?
(examples include: teaching, Hebrew proficiency, Torah Study, Music/Playing an instrument/Singing, Public Relations, Organization, Computer, Writing/Editing, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Art/Painting, Website/Graphic Design, Travel, Sewing/Needlework, Baking/Coooking)